Ring Dog Rescue

My name is Roman Koshock.

My family has been fostering for about four months now for Ring Dog Rescue (RDR). Ring dog is a non profit organization that rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes dogs in need of care.  RDR hosts many fundraisers to help with buying dog food for the dogs and covering vet bills and other payments. If you want to support RDR you can buy merchandise on their website or donate dog food or toys to help the dogs that are in foster care.  You can donate money to help with vet bills. There is also a program you can sign up for called Popsicles for Pups.  Popsicles For Pups is a program where you go and make Popsicles for dogs in the shelter. These popsicles help stimulate the dog’s minds because they are constantly licking the Popsicles.

We have fostered three dogs. At first I did not want to foster for Ring dog because I was  worried about my own dogs. After we got our first foster dog Ginger, I was able to relax and not worry about my dogs. If you want to want to start fostering  for RDR you can sign up at their website. Vet care and food are both covered for foster families. Fostering dogs is a step in the right direction to start saving dog’s lives. Fostering helps dogs that come from shelters or abusive situations become adoptable.  There are many dogs that are without homes or foster parents that are in need of help. Here is a link to an article about the importance of fostering:


Below are descriptions and pictures of the dogs that we have fostered since joining Ring Dog Rescue in November 2015.  These are some of the sweetest dogs I have ever met despite what they have gone through.

The first dog we fostered was named Ginger “Cookie”. Cookie, a two year old Pit Bull mix, was found wandering the streets in Chesterfield County. She was then taken to the shelter and stayed there for about 6-9 months with 200 other dogs. When we first brought Ginger Cookie back to our home she had to stay in her crate for about a week to observe our family. After a week she got let out of her crate and was able to successfully socialize with our family and dogs. She was very protective of her crate because she had spent so much time in it. That led to some guarding issues but with crate and food rotation we were able to pass that issue and everything was fine. Ginger Cookie went on a week trial to a young couple that ended in a successful adoption. Mary Maier Photography http://www.marymaier.com

Mary Maier Photography http://www.marymaier.com

Charlie, a four month old Pit Bull puppy, spent his entire life inside a room with all his brothers and sisters. Charlie was my favorite  dog we fostered. He was one of the cutest puppies I have ever seen. He would stand up on his hind legs and look at you with with his kind puppy face. He was so curious about everything: the ceiling fan, outside, beds, shoes socks and people.  We worked on crate and potty training with Charlie.  Charlie went on a successful two week trial period with his forever home that included a fourteen year old, his parents, a cat and a small dog.  They adopted him!


Photo by Patience Salgado  https://patience-salgado.squarespace.com/

Beanie, our third foster dog,a very shy 1 year old hound,beagle mix, was taken from a dog hoarder with  70 dogs in their  yard. He was one of three that needed instant medical help. He was chained up and lived in a rain barrel for the whole first year of his life. He came to us with a skin and ear infection, cracked toe pads and a bad stink. He is adjusting  fine though, he gets special baths 2-3 times a week and is warming up to the world.





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