I’m Back!

Hello everybody!
I am back on my blog!  it has been a long, long, long time since I last posted.

I went to a Richmond Youth Peace Project conflict resolution training last weekend and became certified to become a youth peace leader. I learned things like 4 part listening, “I” messages and conflict resolution skills.

‘I’ messages are non hostile messages like:  “I feel sad when this(insert situation) happens” instead of “You make me feel sad and it’s your fault”.

4 part listening is someone tells a story then another person picks out the facts, then some else picks out the emotions and then the last person picks out the individual’s needs.

Conflict resolution skills tie into “I” messages so you can defuse tense situations and not fight more.

Okay, you’re probably wondering about the Richmond Youth Peace Project, like what do they do etc. They hold monthly meetings that you can go to, offer a yearly training program and a conference each spring where you can sign up for a set of workshops! Once you become certified you can make your own workshops and have people come and learn. I had a lot of fun at the peace training and I think you guys would enjoy it!

I’ve told you about what skills we learned. We also did a bunch of fun team building games and ice breakers. A few of the activities are called: The Big Wind Blows, Mystery Box and Secret Spot! Secret spot is a game where you have to get four people to stand back to back and then link arms. Each person picks a spot in the room and then they all have to work together to get to each spot without talking. Mystery Box is a game where one person gets the box and thinks of something. Each person asks yes no questions until they have an idea about what it is. The Big Wind Blows is a game where someone would say, “The big wind blows for anyone with red on!” and every one with red on has to get up and move to a different chair. If someone says hurricane everyone has to get up and move to a different chair.

That is what I did at the youth leadership training. I hope you enjoyed hearing about it.



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