Patience Salgado AKA Kindnessgirl tells the TRUTH.

My friend Patience tells the truth. She believes that “kindness changes everything”. She is a kindness worker and does acts of kindness for other people. Patience tells real human stories of sadness, happiness  and darkness.

Some of her projects include: giving bus passes to people, ding-dong ditching people who need kindness and the magic wand project. She not only believes in kindness, she stands in it. Her guerrilla goodness project tells people to have fun with kindness.

Patience makes me want to be a kind person. The more kindness that goes around makes more people kind. Her work helps people stop and think about kindness. If you are in a dark place kindness can help. Everyone’s story is important. By sharing people’s dark and light stories, Patience teaches others to be kind and think about how other people feel. Her latest project, the light of human kindness, has changed our community by adding art, sharing about people’s struggles and the kindness they receive. You can join in by doing an act of kindness and lighting a light on the wall.

My friend Patience tells the TRUTH.                           Kindness girl


“Kindness changes everything”.  ~Patience Salgado


2 thoughts on “Patience Salgado AKA Kindnessgirl tells the TRUTH.

  1. this may be my most favorite piece ever written about my work! Thank you Ro, I am SO grateful you are in my life. Thank you for this bit of kindness and encouragement to me. I really want to live the TRUTH!

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