James River Pipeline walk and Great Blue Heron rookery

I went on the James River Park System PipeLine walk and it was amazing!!  You walk on the pipe that brings the water to your house in the city of Richmond. Part of the PipeLine is metal catwalk with hand rails and the rest is pipe. There is a beach next to you as you walk the PipeLine, you travel under the CSX Viaduct and sometimes you are just over the river. You can also see the Blue HeronRookery  across the river from the PipeLine or the beach. The James River  is  cleaner than it has been in past years. Great Blue Herons have come back to the rookery in large numbers because they are healthy. The mother herons throw the young out of the nest so the young can learn to fly.

You should check out this blog post all about the PipeLine:

Pipeline Rapids: Downtown Richmond’s best kept secret …

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timesdispatch.com                                                                       shockoenews.com

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maureenegan.wordpress.com                                                             photorva.com                                                                                         dom.com


4 thoughts on “James River Pipeline walk and Great Blue Heron rookery

  1. Great post!! It felt like I was there with you….can’t wait to see this in person and read more on the links!

  2. Wow! What a beautiful description of the pipeline. We saw the herons last year before they had their babies, but this makes me want to go back and see them now. Maybe we could go together sometime?

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